Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's been a long time since I've blogged and things have changed a bit. I no longer have an agent, having cut my ties with my previous one. I won't go into details because I promised not to. Not sure what I'll do, probably find a new agent. But life has been very good this summer. Spent loads of time with my family, etc. And really enjoyed that. I won't go into details or post photos because that stuff is private to me, not something I share on my blog. I know other folks really like to share that kind of stuff, and I know others like to read it, but for me, there's a separation between my private life and my life as an author.

On the book/publishing side, I just finished copyedits to A Killing Winter, the followup to Fall From Grace. The tentative release date is April 2012. I hope to hit plenty of dates to promote the book, including heading to Sacramento for Left Coast Crime.

Also, I received news that a production company is initially interested in Fall From Grace (and probably other Leo Desroches novels) as a possible TV series. Things are very preliminary, nothing is official yet, heck we haven't even started negotiations on the option, but it's still kind of neat.

That's it.