Friday, April 13, 2012

A Killing Winter is Coming. Or has it arrived already

Yes folks, I'm finally back because the second novel in my Leo Desroches series, A Killing Winter, came out April 10. On that day I was in Phoenix at the Poisoned Pen, talking to folks about the book, my life and why my new band is named Beerbelly. The next day I was in San Diego at Mysterious Galaxy doing the same thing. It was nice to head to some great stores that support crime writers, especially relatively unknowns such as myself.

As for A Killing Winter, reviews have been great. Three of the major review publications in the US have said great things about the book. Below are links to these reviews, except the one from the Library Journal, which isn't online yet. But they still said nice things calling it a "fast-paced, action-packed sequel to Arthurson's notable debut, Fall from Grace". They even ran a pull quote from the book in the magazine, which is cool.

And when I was on my US trip, something really exciting happened. Fall From Grace, the first book in the series, was shortlisted for the $10,000 Alberta Readers Choice Award. I've got some major competition but they are all great writers who have written some great books, so it's fantastic to be included in this group. Here's more info on the shortlist announcement.

Okay, I'll work hard to update this more often but I have a major writing project due at the end of April plus the local launch for A Killing Winter to work on. Gotta pay the bills you know.

If you live in Edmonton and wish to attend the launch, here's the link for that. Please note that while Audrey's Books is the bookseller, the event takes place at the Artery.