Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The other day I saw the world premiere production of the Forbidden Phoenix. It's a combination of Chinese opera and western theatre, written by my buddy Marty Chan. It took him six years from the inception of the project to finally get it produced and he admitted to having a "now what?" sensation. All that work and waiting and now it's done, what happens next? Now that I've got my big time two book deal, I understand what he was feeling. It took me three years to write my second novel and I spent four years waiting for someone to make an offer. Forge itself took almost two years to make a decision on whether to make the offer. and during all that time, I had countless fantasy scenarios on what would happen when the call would come. And almost every day I would run through at least three or four of these fantasies. I checked my e-mail way too much and every time the phone rang, I would think it was my agent. Now that the offer is in and I had my moment of joy and excitement, I now have nothing to fantasize about (I mean career related). When the phone rings, it's just the phone and although I still check my e-mail way too much, I know there's nothing huge coming through. Sure there'll be the contract and the first advance cheque but it's not the same. 

What do you do when one of your lifelong dreams come true? I mean after the celebration and the dancing in the streets! Guess I better get back to work to help make some of those other dreams come true.

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