Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let it Begin, Let it Begin

The other day, the VP for Marketing of Raincoast Books, my Canadian distributor, contacted me. He wanted to set up a phone meeting with their publicity department to discuss creating pre-publication buzz for my next novel, A Killing Winter. I was pretty stoked about that because once again, I'm going to be selling a book. And selling a book is fun. There are media interviews, trips to other cities, readings, signings, a launch, cool stuff that makes being a writer fun. And this year will be even more fun because last year, my Canadian distributor went bankrupt and shut its doors less than six weeks prior to the release of my book. But with Raincoast on board, things are going to be different. I met with them while I was in Vancouver and not only do they like my work, they are keen to make things happen for me and the book.

I don't know for sure where and when I'll be heading out and doing stuff except for the fact I'll be at Left Coast Crime in Sacramento March 29 - April 1. I was at the previous LCC in Santa Fe and had a great time. Met some great authors and fans, and made an impact at my one and only panel. Maybe in Sacramento, I'll have more than one panel.

And since I'm in bookselling mode, I'll be blogging more. I'll comment about the ups and downs of promoting a book, and all that. But one thing I won't do: I won't be commenting about any bad reviews. I won't argue with them, won't complain about them or anything like that. I've seen a bunch of writers do that and while it may be cathartic to rant or call down a reviewer for writing a bad review, to me it just doesn't make sense. Why attract more attention to something that says your work is bad. The best thing to do with a bad review is ignore it and forget.

Anyway, my new book, A Killing Winter can be pre-order here

It comes out April 10, 2012. Let it begin, let it begin....

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