Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Killing Winter reviews, plus vote for me.

Hey, it's been almost a month since A Killing Winter has come out and many of the reviews are in. The concensus, don't just take it from me but see the links below, is that it's really, really good. And you should read it. Here are the links:


Also, the previous novel in the Leo Desroches series, Fall From Grace, is shortlisted for the Alberta Readers' Choice Award. It's the biggest literary award in Alberta. And you can vote for the book. Go to

I'll also be in Calgary on May 25 at Pages Kensington at 7:30.


J. McCrary said...

"A Killing Winter"
Fabulous, Frenzied,and Flat-Out one of my favorites.
Could not put down. As addictive as Ken Bruen with a Canadian twist.
OMG, "getting into a SUV in the middle of the inner city with a bunch of gangbangers, what did you expect?"= Larry
Mandy= "Life isn't easy in the best of times and its harder when you're addicted"
Leo = "My problem was that I couldn't figure out a good way to live."
Thanks Wayne!

Wayne Arthurson said...

Thanks John. I appreciate the nice comments about the book.