Friday, August 24, 2012

Canada is Awesome!

I started to write something pithy and clever about my new scar, add a bit of political theatre, make fun of the American system, guns and all that, but I changed my mind.

I had surgery on Monday, minor surgery to repair a hernia. The incision is about six inches long and it will leave a scar. But other than that and the typical recover bits after minor surgery, I'm fine. The nurses and the doctors were wonderful, especially the nurses.

Since I'm Canadian and we have a government-run universal healthcare system, I didn't have to directly pay for the surgery. It's covered under the taxes I pay every year, which is about 17 - 20 percent or so of my income. I didn't need approval from anyone for the surgery, save for the doctors, and I had to fill in no forms, save for the admitting and some history and had no worries about deductibles, being refused by an insurance company, higher rates.

Simply put, I needed surgery, got the surgery, and was sent home with instructions on how to take care of myself and a follow up appointment in the near future. That's it. If I need surgery for a hernia again, I will get it the same treatment.

Canada is Awesome.


Unknown said...

Caveat: this is off topic. I just finished reading Fall from Grace. I've been a reader for many of my 66 years, all in Edmonton. Started off with the Hardy Boys, then Ian Flemming, Robert Ludlum, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Sandford, Jeffrey Deaver, John Patterson, etc. I was only able to put FFG down twice before completing it: THAT GOOD. Fantastic writing. Captivating. Great character. A very, very, VERY good read! You are right up there with the aforementioned.

Wayne Arthurson said...

Wow. Thanks David. That's some high praise there and to be compared to those great writers. Glad you really like the book.