Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm back. No one's missed me because no one follows. But with my book coming on in the Spring of 2011, I should get on this.

Okay this is what has happened so far. My editor liked my novel, the one I wrote in six months last year. We did the edits, which was relatively painless and no it's in production. There are blurbs. I'll include some of those next time.

As for the second one in the series, it was supposed to be the first manuscript I submitted, the one that attracted and got me sign to my agent, and attracted and got my editor to sign my to a two book deal. But that story takes place before the events of the one that's coming out in Spring 2011. And my editor said he liked that novel so much, he wanted to know what happened next. "So forget about that novel you've written, the one that got my attention, tell me what happens next"

Sigh. Oh well, when you're starting out in the big leagues, you don't ask too many questions or posture like an all-star, you just follow the signs and take your swing. So I said sure but I'll need a few more months past the contracted deadline. "No problem," said my editor. "I just want another great book from you."

And so I started writing and within six months, I'm one scene away from finishing it. And soon I'll send it to my editor and I think he'll be happy.

BTW, you know that photo at the back flap of those hardcover books? Did you know that if you're just a new bigtimewriter like me, you have to pay the photographer out of your own pocket? Surprise!

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Nya Nicks said...

Gee wiz, I didn't know that. I thought the publisher paid for all that stuff and recouped the advance and all the undertakings of getting your book to print via royalties. WHOOSH. Good to know!