Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wow. My upcoming novel Fall From Grace is already listed on Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Chapters/Indigo! It seems that it comes out March 1, 2011 so if you wanna pre-order, you can go ahead. Once I get a final cover shot, I'll post it. I have a tentative one but I can't share it until it's officially approved by the publisher.

I'm pleasantly shocked by this development. I knew I had a book coming out in the Spring of 2011 but to see it already listed on the online book retailers makes things even more real. I was so excited that I pre-ordered, even though I will get my own copies in the future. I can't wait! I love being a bigtimewriter.

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Nya Nicks said...

Okay, I'm looking at the time line of Oct2008 to Aug2010 to get the book published with the publisher you signed with. Granted this book releasing isn't the ORIGINAL book you got the deal on but that's food for that. It could take 1-2 years after you are signed to get you book released and then you'll have to wait even longer for royalties, I'm assuming b/c first you have to reimburse the publisher on the advance right? So that could be an additional 3-12 months or longer before you see that. Wow!