Thursday, September 2, 2010

My buddy and fellow Edmontonian, Thomas Trofimuk, had his novel, Waiting for Columbus, chosen as part of the new Richard and Judy Book Club. In case you don't know, Richard and Judy's Book Club is like the UK version of Oprah's book club. This is a major coup for any writer and sure to give him a huge boost in sales in the UK and possibly in Canada. I've known Thomas for awhile, we used to travel together to small town Alberta, touting our first novels in rural bookstores. Back then, he talked about this Columbus novel he was working on and it's good to see all the success he's had with it. Thomas is a great writer and a great guy, and a fine example of Edmonton's writing community. For years, I've been saying that Edmonton's literary community is one, if not the strongest one in the country and this is another example of why.

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