Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ack, I got my first comments on my blog. Of course they came from friends but that's okay. Friends got to do what friends got to do.

Anyway, I just word from a mystery/crime style bookstore in the US that they might be interested in having me come down and read. That's cool because the Canadian government gives writers grants to attend a US launch of their book if it's published by a foreign publisher. And since Forge is a foreign publisher in Canada, then it qualifies. It would be nice to get this reading because I can then attend a mystery Con in the same area around the same time.

I'm also going to meet with someone to help me create a Wordpress style site.

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Nya Nicks said...

OY, okay, looks like you got someone to do your wp style blog site. I had commented on this and sent you and fb message. But the point is at least you're getting it done. Congrats on everything. Disregard if you still don't need it.