Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just got word from editor that Forge is going to push the release date of my novel from March 1 to April. He didn't say that at first. He phoned and told me he had some distressing news. I first thought they were canceling the deal or something like that. But when he told me they were just pushing the release date a month, I sighed. I've been waiting for the publication of my second novel for over six years, so one month is nothing. And the reason why is a good one as well. In publishing, they have these things called ARCs or Advanced Reading Copies. They are pretty much paperback versions of your hardcover book that they send out to reviewers, media, booksellers or anyone else who should get one. At first, at least based on conversations with my editor, they were going to send out B&W ARCs of my novel. But it seems they want to send out full colour versions ARCs of my novel. Which means they want it to stand, which I'm hoping it means they are going to push my novel a little bit more than your average first novel (It's not really my first novel but it's my first published in the US so they are calling it my first).

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