Friday, April 8, 2011

The second local launch went. A good crowd, more books sold and signed.

And today was fun. I spent the morning trying to set a photo shoot with a local alt-weekly, See. We finally got it worked out and we all headed downtown to meet. The plan was for me and another local mystery writer, Gayleen Froese to be part of the shoot. We both have mystery novels out recently. Once we met up (I was late because of the wonderful Edmonton transit system, that is loaded with sarcasm), we found a nice dirty spot in a back alley. It was supposed to be a crime scene, so Gayleen, being a trooper, laid on the dirty cement, allowed the photog to draw a chalk line around here, and then stayed there on the ground (did I say it was dirty. Come on this is Edmonton in the spring, it's pretty disgusting) to be the corpse. While they were setting up, I looked in one of the dumpsters and saw a pair of jeans and a "wife-beater" shirt. Figured they would be perfect for the shot, I dumpster-dived and fished them out. The photog put them next to Gayleen. Then I went down on one knee, grabbed a magnifying glass, and picked up a piece of garbage with a pair of tweezers, and tried to look like a hardened detective. It was fun, but man it was kind of cold. Gayleen must have been freezing because she stayed on the hard concrete for about 15 minutes. Hope the photo turns out and when I get a copy, I'll post it here.

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