Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today is the second local launch of my novel Fall From Grace. I had a more private launch on Tuesday, April 5, and it was fantastic. I had many friends and family members come to the event, probably about 80 people, many of whom bought books. It was a wonderful touching event. My second launch is a more public event but still there will be friends who couldn't make it to the first event. And having people who don't know me there, who will come because of all the recent local media. Lots of great local coverage lately, including some really solid reviews from local TV and radio. Don't have links because the bits aren't up yet.

Don't know how the book is doing in the US, seems to be doing recently in Kindle and Amazon standings but it's only been the first week of release. Got a Western Canadian tour coming up with some media planned there so that should help Canadian sales.

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