Friday, October 7, 2011

I know I should be writing my third Leo Desroches novel, even though my publisher hasn't bought it. But I've had this idea for another mystery novel for several years and have to get it out. It's set in World War 2 in a POW Camp near Lethbridge in southern Alberta. Canada had a bunch of these camps, the biggest ones in southern Alberta, holding over 10,000 German prisoners. In my research I found a photo of the camp with Lethbridge in the distance, and the camp is almost the same size of the city. Incredible. And since the camp was so big, the Canadians let the Germans run it themselves under their own military structure. Anyway, the story is about German prisoners being murdered, mostly for being traitors. One of the POWs, who is head of security in the camp, realizes that some of the victims weren't really traitors and were killed for other reason. So he has to find the killer without pissing off the Nazi leaders of the camp and being branded a traitor himself. Finished Chapter 1 and surprised myself but creating a sidekick. Anyway, I'll be working on that and hope to get at least half of it done before the end of January, when I plan to take a tropical holiday with my family. I work fast.

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