Thursday, October 13, 2011

Traveling to Vancouver, Book Promo tied with family trip

In a week, I'll be jetting off the Vancouver for the International Writers' Festival.

It's going to be a great time cause we'll be staying at the Granville Island Hotel which I've heard is fantastic place from my Edmonton writing friend, Thomas Trofimuk. Maybe I might even get a few travel stories out of the trip.

I'm also scheduled for two great events, both of them already sold out so I'll be out there promoting Fall From Grace in front of some big crowds.

The first event is Friday, Oct. 21 at 10 am. It's a major event called Crime Time. Little ole me will be on a panel with three Scottish writers, Denise Mina, Stuart MacBride and... wait for it... Ian Rankin! Holy cow. Those first two are great writer in their own right but Rankin is the bestselling mystery writer in the UK. A friend who works in a local bookstore has asked me to get Mr. Rankin's signature so it's nice that I'll be able to help a local supporter of books in Edmonton. It even gets better because acting as moderator is Peter Robinson, writer of the bestselling and award-winning Inspector Banks series. I'll do my best to hold my own in this crowd of great writers and hopefully most folks already have books by the other writers and will decide to buy mine.

A couple of days later, I'll be part of another great event, the Sunday Brunch. This may be a more genteel event with a bit a cantaloupe at the end, but it's still going to be a lot of fun. I'm the only male writer in the group so maybe I'll garner some extra book sales from that, who knows. But I'll get to meet Nicole Lundrigan and tell her in person how I loved her book, Thaw. And then buy here new one, Glass Boys and get her to sign it. And I'll also get to share the stage with Marina Endicott, another Edmonton writer who has been shortlisted for the GG for fiction. I like Marina, she's a great writer and a great person.

And even though I'll be hanging with my family for part of the trip, I'll do my best to also hang with writers. Russell Banks will also be there and I remember having drinks with him, and other writers like Garth Nix and Joan London, two nights in a row in Calgary at Wordfest several years ago. I wonder if he'll remember me.

I'll also be updated this blog more because of the festival and will include photos.

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