Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Best Books of the 2011

Everywhere in the literary, publishing and book media, there are tons of lists concerning the Best Books of 2011. Not to be left out, I've decided to create my own list. It's a very short list, only one book, but hands-down, it's my Favourite Book of 2011.

"Hey, wait a minute," I hear you say. "That's your own book. You can't pick that as the Best Book of 2011."

Oh yes I can. There is nothing in the rules that say I can't choose my own book as my own Best/Favourite Book of 2011. I recall several years ago Rolling Stone had a massive issue on the Best Albums of All Time. They polled writers and rock stars, etc. and got them to pick their list. One of the Ramones, Joey or Johnny, picked two Ramones albums for their own list. And why not, the Ramones kick ass.

And to be completely honest, my book is my Favorite Book of 2011. It's my book; it's finally got published; and it was published by a major US publisher (Forge) after being rejected by over 15 Canadian publishers. I spent almost seven years of my life waiting for the release of this book. When 2011 began last year, the biggest thing I was looking forward to all year was the release of Fall From Grace on March 28, 2011. After the birth of my kid and my wedding, March 28, 2011 is one of the best days of my life.

When the book came out, I got interviewed by a bunch of people, including the great Shelagh Rodgers at the CBC. I went on two book tours and the reviews were very solid. Some of them were even fantastic, like this one below.

So that's it, my Favourite Book of 2011. If you want to know what my Favourite Book of 2012 will be, here's a hint. At least I'm being honest.

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