Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, Italian-style

Since I don't have any trips or literary adventures for awhile, I'm staying local for a bit.

Turn the clocks back and get up earlier (yet later) than you expect on a Sunday. So what to do with your extra time? We went to Spinelli's, a cafe next to Edmonton's famous Italian Centre on 95 Street. Spinelli's is awesome, especially the downtown one. You could go to the one on the southside but with the football (not North American but real football) playing on the five screens, the old Italian men holding court and greeting each other with "Buogiorno", and the helpful yet somewhat surly servers, the downtown Spinelli's has a more European feel. The cafe food is awesome, great sweets, plus calzones and drinks. We got a calzone, a cannoli (sp), a chocolate croissant, hot chocolate and two lattes and it cost us less than $15. Go to any Starbucks, Second Cup, or any other cafe and order something equivalent and you'd be paying twice as much.

The other great part of Spinelli's is shopping at the Italian centre afterwards. Some of the best deli meats and cheese in town. There's always free samples. Plus old school grocery service at the till. I used to work at a grocery store in the old days so I know when I receive old school service at a store.

Great start to a nice Sunday.

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