Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm back! It's been awhile since I've blogged and the reason why is that many things have happened. Here is one of them:

I've also got some great reviews of my book so far, go here to see one:


Booklist also gave me a great review and here's an excerpt:

Leo Desroches is a reporterfor a Canadian newspaper. He’s also a gambling addict, a thief, and a one-time derelict trying to reform.Nothing raffish about him. One senses that Desroches, like the prose used to create him, exudes wicked energy kept under stern control. He interviews the police about a murdered prostitute and then begins his own inquiries, which are recounted in a series of highly charged, stunningly written set pieces, all the more effective for their understated, almost droning, manner. There’ll be no more spoilers here. Just think of Spillane’s Mike Hammer describing himself: “I was the evil that opposed other evil.” This is a genrebender, its twists all the more startling for being unexpected.

And here's a piece about me.

I was also interviewed by Shelagh Rogers for The Next Chapter, the national book program for CBC Radio. That's a big deal because Shelagh is very well known in Canada. The interview will run on March 21 at 1 pm on CBC Radio 1.

But now that the Canadian distributor of my bigtimenovel is out of business, it's been up to me to book a Western Canadian tour and contact all the media in the cities I'm going to. It ain't been easy but so you know, here's my Canadian tour (with one stop in LA):

May 1st —LA Times Festival of Books

May 2nd—Ardea Books, Vancouver

May 3rd—McNally Robison, Winnipeg

May 4th—McNally Robinson, Saskatoon

May 5thCalgary Public Library

If you live in one of those cities, come on down.

Also, I'm heading out in a couple weeks for a US tour. I'll first be at the Left Coast Crime Convention in Santa Fe New Mexico from March 24-28. And then I'll be in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in March 29 (the actual release date of my bigtimenovel), and then I'll be in Houston, Texas at Murder By the Book on March 30. Since the book is coming out real soon, I'll be updating my blog on a more regular basis from now on. My agent says I got to keep my fans happy. They'll want to know things about me and stuff like that.

So I'll fill you in a bit. If you read this, you'll see that I'm not that open talking about myself on this blog. It's nothing really personal, I just don't like to share too much information about myself with many strangers. I know many writers like to writer about themselves on their blogs but I'm not that kind of guy. You might get a photo of me here and there but you won't get any really personal stuff about me and my family. Like I said, it's nothing personal, just the way I am. And I'll be honest; I'm not a big fan of blogs, I don't read many and there a lot of things I have to do like write and work instead of blogging. If you want to get more up to date info about, go to Facebook, offer to be my friend (tell me who you are first and why we should be friends) and chances are, I'll be your FB friend.

Anyway, I've got to go, maybe I'll read before bed. I got a new book from the library called Once A Spy by Keith Thomson. It's pretty solid, reminds me a bit of the movie Red but the retired spy has Alzhiemer's. Good night.

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