Monday, March 28, 2011

Because of sketchy internet at my hotel, I wasn't able to update regularly from Left Coast Crime. But I had a great time, met some new friends, writers and fans alike, and let everyone know there's a new writer in town! I had a panel called Many Faces of Violence and I didn't hold back. Neither did the other writers, David Corbett, Charlie Newton, Mark Coggins, J.T. Ellison and Martin Cruz Smith. And based on many comments afterwards, to me and to the others, it was considered one of the best panels of the Con. I know I made some new fans and sold some books. I've included a photo of the panelist, save for Martin Cruz Smith who was signing books.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Phoenix for an event at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore. If you live in the area, come on down.

Also, it's the official release date for Fall From Grace. It's also my agent's birthday so it's gonna to be a good day.


Nya Nicks said...

Congrats! I enjoyed reading your blog, I started from the beginning and now I'm finished. GREAT pointers, and glad to know the reviews are paving the way for a GREAT release of your book. Have a GREAt week!

Mar said...

I was the first person to buy your book at Left Coast Crime. Remember me?

I was sorry to miss your panel at LCCC. People who were there told me it was quite different than they thought it would be. She thought it would be tips on writing fight scenes better.

You're good at that. I loved Fall from Grace and wrote you a great review on Good Reads. Look forward to the next one.

Mar Preston
No Dice (set in Santa Monica, CA)

Wayne Arthurson said...

Thanks Mar for the fine comments. And yes I do remember you because of you being the first person to buy the book at LCC. That could possibly mean that you were one of the first people to buy the book in North America because the official release date was March 29 and the books were released early only for LCC.