Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm back. It's been a tough week with the cold/flu in the house again and lots of work to be done before I head out to Santa Fe for the Left Coast Crime and then onto Phoenix and Houston for a couple of readings. I'll be posting more about the trip when I'm on the road.

A couple more reviews came in, both really really nice. Here's a link to one:

Also, Quill and Quire, Canada's magazine for the publishing trade industry gave a glowing review. I can't post a link because it's a pay subscription site but I can give the opening and closing paragraphs. They are pretty awesome
"It's thrilling, for a reader, to discover a new amateur detective
devoid of stock cliches, unique and refreshingly human. To the august
company of Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce and Alexander McCall Smith's
Precious Ramotswe we can now add Edmonton writer Wayne Arthurson's Leo

"It looks like Arthurson has future Desroches novels planned.
They've just been added to my 'must read' list."

Just over a week before the book is released and I'm getting pretty excited.

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Eva said...

I listened to your interview on the radio, the other day. I really liked the points you made and your new book sounds very interesting. So great that you set it in Edmonton. I too believe that some powerful art is created from our own space - your physical surrounding as well as the emotiona-social background you bring along.
Anyways, I look forward reading your book .I presume Audrey's or Greenwood bookstore will have it, right? All the best on your tour. - Eva C